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Nômada Studio invited us to develop an artwork for one of the exclusive wine labels from Panceri. With a clock illustration, the label for the variety Barbera represents the passage of time with a clock that shows us the four seasons of the year in Italian abbreviations instead of showing time. 

The watch hands for summer and autumn are very close, representing the period when grapes are harvested. We also have the wine flowing out of the clock and transforming into the glass stem and base of a wine glass. 

The illustration was created in two colors, white and golden foil for the details, creating a sophisticated and minimalist design.

Recognition: Design Rush

Client / 

Estúdio Nômada for Panceri

Job / 

Design: Estúdio Nômada

Illustration: Estúdio Arth


Techniques / 

Digital Illustration

Âncora 1
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