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Client / 

CBA B+G para Colgate

Job / 

Design: CBA B+G

Ilustrations: Estúdio Arth

Techniques /


Âncora 1

We were invited At the end of 2019 by CBA B+G to illustrate flowers, leaves, and ink stains to compose the layout of three packages for the new Natural Extracts line, Colgate.

According to the briefing and the references sent by the client, the illustrated flowers and leaves should be in loose and expressive watercolor.

We made three flowers for each flavor and leaves from different plants. The ink stains were also illustrated in watercolor, creating a unique atmosphere that relates directly to Natural Extract's line concept.

Even though the packages are small, the illustrations were made in large size and digitalized in high resolution to be also applied at the product's points of sale.

The packaging won the prize for the self-care category at Grandes Cases de Embalagem, Brazil, 2021.

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