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Blended Naturals

Raphael Iglesias invited us to help in his task of designing a new visual language for Blended Naturals. Our challenge was to create a unique and tasty illustration with its DNA, exploring the ingredients in a cheerful yet connected-to-the-brand way. After a lot of studying and evaluating all the possibilities, the result was a series of watercolors in movement, representing the juices' blends. The artworks were adapted in color and elements to each flavor, with the juices movement representing the initial letter "B" of the brand.

**Blended Naturals™ is a brand of natural juices for children that values actually delivering a healthy product using natural ingredients instead of processed and excessive sugars. Each flavor is made by mixing fruits and vegetables that can bring flavor and health to the children's diet.

Our challenge was to develop a visual language that showed in a fun way that Blended cares about using only real fruits and vegetables in the production of its juices. For this, we developed a series of watercolor illustrations to represent the mixtures.

**Text: Raphael Iglesias

Âncora 1

Client / 

Raphael Iglesias for Blended

Job / 

Creative leader: Raphael Iglesias

Designer: Léo Tavares

Illustration: Estúdio Arth

Techniques /


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