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Hello! We’re a design studio, specialized in textile prints and surface design. We also work on special projects for brands, like customized packaging and home interior designs.


Our purpose is to aggregate concept and brand value. We aim to help build our clients' DNA with illustrations and tailored ideas in the market of graphic, fashion, and interior designs.



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Graphic design

Creation of exclusive and tailored illustrations and prints for packaging, stationery items and graphic design in general.



Seamless patterns and placed prints, all exclusively developed. kids, womenswear and menswear, Casual, beachwear, sleepwear etc.

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Interior & Acessories

The sky is the limit: original prints, carefully designed for any surface. Print for wallpaper, souvenirs and accessories in general.

Our Process - Custom Work


We will listen to all your needs and collect all relevant information, like concepts, references, and images.



After understanding your needs, we will send you a quotation with prices and delivery date.


In this step, we develop the sketches. After you review the draft, we can paint and make the final assembly.

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 In the end, you will have in your hands a new and high-quality exclusive design.




About Us

Each project is exclusive and fully creative by using every artistic technique imaginable to reach the best result. Two illustrators founded Estúdio Arth, and now we are a team of three passionate artists dedicated to perfection. All our experiences and techniques are combined when design, illustration, and art are the subject on the table. 


Among the Estúdio Arth artworks, you can also find besides fashion patterns and placements a diversity of packaging designs. These have obtained recognition through national and international awards such as "Prémio Lusófonos de Criatividade" in 2019, an international festival of creativity based in Portugal. These included illustrations and prints were made for a fruit pulp brand.  In 2021, the award was in the category of personal care in "Grandes cases de embalagem", which we contribute with illustrations to toothpaste and mouthwash packaging. 


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Estúdio Arth is based in Brazil and was launched in 2018 fulfilling our dream to produce bespoke artworks by hand with high standards and precision. Our team has a wealth of experience in the textile industry working with pattern creation since 2014. Our goal is to create solutions for the need for custom artworks, illustrating something new, fresh and trendy. From the concept stage throughout the development we will tailor exclusive prints to fit your brand with the uniqueness you are looking for and it is not possible to find in pre-existing collections in the market. 


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Innovative ideas, colors, manufactured techniques, and brazilian style are

some of our creative fuel. 




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"We have worked with Catherine, Andressa & the studio since 2020. Each project we have undertaken is handled and delivered with care to ensure our vision is translated into the perfect finished product. Our working relationship is one we value highly and couldn’t think of a better design partner for our products."

Jake Ward - Eades & Draw - England



Blumenau/SC - Brazil

Phone: +55 (47) 99788-4946

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